Water Tank Cleaning

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Water Tank Cleaning

Keeping your water storage tanks clean may be one of the most overlooked maintenance procedures in the drinking water industry.  Out of sight and out of mind, sediment in the bottom of your water storage tanks is never seen and rarely thought of. The sediment that builds up in almost all potable water tanks can be a habitat for bacteria and other contaminates. Your tank could have any number of problems and you may not even know about it, as it could all be hiding on the bottom of your tank! Dust particles, dead insects, lichen or algae, and flaking paint off a deteriorating roof – and that’s just to start with! Bacteria and other contaminates can get a foothold in the sediment  out of reach of the chlorine or other treatment chemicals entering the tank.

Removing the sediment and keeping your tank clean is the best way to maintain a healthy water system. It is important to clean and disinfect potable water storage tanks regularly, at least once every six months.


Regular inspection and cleaning of these tanks is important to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria such as Legionella and ensure that water hygiene is maintained. Potable water storage tanks can range in size from a few liters to several thousand liters and can be of a single piece, sectional and made from either concrete, metal or plastic.

Team Stalwart can provide professional and safe cleaning and disinfection for different types of tanks. Utilizing specialist cleaning equipment, we are able to quickly clean and disinfect tanks and refill for use. A full inspection report with photographs is provided detailing any problems associated with the tank and a work completion certificate with before and after photographs is provided upon completion. Microbiological sampling from an independent accredited laboratory can also be provided for complete peace of mind. Full treatment of the down services can be completed at the same time as the tank cleaning should there be any question over the water quality within the system and this can be done out of hours if required in order to minimize disruption.

All staffs are experienced in completing work safely and with consideration for the users of the building and water system. Wherever water disruption may be experienced, our staff will liaise with the client to ensure that the disruption is minimized and water systems are brought back on line as quickly as possible.

Why Water Tank Cleaning Is Important?

  • Major cause of illnesses in mankind is Contaminated water
  • Dirty water is responsible for 80%of illnesses in the world
  • Safe water can remove diseases like cholera, typhoid fever, diarrhea, hepatitis, legionellosis, etc.
  • A recent conference cited that more than 700,000 people die from consuming contaminated food or water.

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